AROMATHERAPY AND ESSENTIAL OILSEssential oils are plant extracts devoid of all artificial processing – thus they are in their natural form. Aromatherapy refers to the practice or usage of volatile plants oils known as essential oil for both psychological and physical wellbeing of humans when used according to specifications safety recommendations. In addition to essential oils in aromatherapy, other complimentary uses are advanced. Some other substances are added, these include: – Vegetable oil, Liquid wax [Jojoba], Hydrosols, Herbs, Powdered milk, Sea salts, Exfoliant (Sugar) Clays and Mud.
In the medical field, aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine advocated. It works with a combination of massaging, counseling and savoring of the sweet smelling odor of the essential oil. The curative nature of essential oil has been an answer and accepted recipe when conventional medicine seems to have lost potency on a patient.Most patients visiting hospitals regularly do not have what is most likely to be called normal medical issues. They suffer from a brand of illness attributed to stress and psychological disorders. To this group of people, aromatherapy is applied for healing via relaxation and stress relief ideas. Stress is a popular health issue in hospitals, hospices, home for the less privileged and homes for physically and mentally challenged folks. Aromatherapy is today an option for nurses who crave to be closer to the patients’ blood wise and also doctors who handle patients with stress related disorders but who never accepted or does not respond to conventional medicines.
The actual mode of action of essential oil is vivo and is still yet unknown. However, there is strong evidence that essential oil can act as an antimicrobial, antioxidant agent and all have pharmacological effect on the various human systems. Scientific studies have proved that essential oils have effects on the brainwaves and can induce changes in behavioral patterns. These effects are believed to have emanated from the oil and most probably transmitted through to the brain solely via the nasal cavity and olfactory systems.
Here are some of the brands of essential oil currently administered in aromatherapy to relax or relieve anxiety, stress or depression.


These include:
Lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]
Rose [Rosa damascene]
Orange [Citrus sinensis]
Bergamot [Citrus aurantium]
Lemon [Citrus Limon]
Sandalwood [Tantalum album]
Clary sage [Salvia sclera]
Roman chamomile [Anthemis nobilis]
Rose scented geranium [Pelargonium spp]
All these are proven to contain anxiolytic activities.
Aromatherapy has been known to mankind for over 5,000 years, unfortunately less is known about it generally. However, owing to the long list of effects associated with synthetically manufactured medications, many health professionals have made a U-turn to the former. On the other hand, there is a growing awareness that many illnesses originated from the mind. This is attested by the ever growing large number of unhappy people worldwide. Aromatherapy has been used effectively to solve this challenge more than orthodox medicine. The secret of success however is the ability of the aromatherapies to help patients to assimilate the live nutrients in plants.

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