4082For about 5000 years now, Essential oil has been discovered by mankind and used for multiples of purposes. They range from medical, beauty, spirituality, home making and recreation. In recent times, attention has been focused on it for many special reasons. This ancient tradition has been accepted by the men and women of this century with innumerable positive results to the mind and body well-being.

Essential oils are a unique kind. They are extracts with great potency derived through steam distillation and cold pressing. Its most differentiating feature is that the oil is more powerful than the plants from which they were extracted.

Essential oils are highly fortified with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This makes them most suitable for cleaning of various surfaces at home. Among them, the following are best known for the purpose – Lemon, Grapefruits, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea tree, Lavender and Rosemary.

They are wonderful healing recipes. Essential oil being miniscule in molecular size, they are easily absorbed by the skin, thus a nice personal care product. They do heal, soften and nourish the skin. Being a direct plant produce, they do not accumulate in the body, they do the work of healing without side effects.
Essential oil helps memory recall and boasts performance in academic tests. Scientific studies have shown that essential oil from Rosemary helps the brain to boast its working capacity. The simple act of inhaling Rosemary and Lavender oil makes the brain relaxed during tasks.

Producing essential oil is a hard task, so also organizing the plants in a quantity that will get you a tangible volume. However, being highly concentrated oil, you make lesser purchase of it quite often. A bottle of essential oil can last for a decade, as such, it’s cost effective. As concentrated as it is when unadulterated, just a little drop is needed at a moment for any need.

Essential oil from plants has been at the fore front of religious rituals helping the people to interact with the higher realms. These oils are proven to contain sensual stimulants that activate the brains region associated with memory and the state of mind. There are some special blends for these. Participants in such rituals do apply it on the wrists, feet and behind the ears for best results.

Let’s look at some of the plants and the best uses of their essential oil:-
•    Peppermint – lip balms, oil skin, apneic skin and normal cleaning of products.
•    Rosemary – hair preparations, oily skin, apneic skin and normal cleaning of products.
•    Sweet orange – recommended for all skin types and very soothing in room spray for kids.
•    Rose geranium – suitable for all skins types, manufacturing of perfumes, body sprays and used in homemade moisturizers
•    Tea tree – used for the body general healing, removal of dandruff, good for oily and apneic skins and cleaning of products.
•    Lavender – good for cleaning products, suitable for all kinds of skin, hair product preparations and cleaning of products.
•    Lemon – mood invigorating, cleaning products, used in preparing body toners and products for oily skin.

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